Australian Grape and Plum Spirits from Macedonian Family Recipes

Southern Highlands Distillery distils the finest grape and plum spirits, called rakija, on the sloping hills of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Our rakija is made using a family recipe, passed down from generation to generation, since the recipe was first created by a great-great-grandfather in Macedonia over a hundred years ago. Enjoy the taste of authentic Macedonian fruit spirits, right here in Australia.

Macedonian rakija created by Southern Highlands Distillery.

Bringing The Old Country To Australia

  • Rakija is Macedonia’s national drink, and not yet mainstream enough to be sitting on every bar benchtop. Just give it time.
  • Our rakija comes in the form of grape spirits, wonderful as an aperitif or digestif to accompany a salad or summer dish. We also make a beautiful plum version, which can be served neat or used to add aromatic layers to cocktails.
  • No matter who you ask, the consensus is that homemade rakija is the best rakija. With Southern Highlands Distillery, you can experience grape and plum spirits made in small batches from our original family recipes.
  • We make very, very small batches of up to 1000 litres of rakija, or 700 bottles per year. Homemade and unique, the way rakija should be.
  • Niche and exclusive, our grape and plum spirits are the missing ingredients you’ve been looking to add to your alcohol cabinet.
Macedonian rakija created by Southern Highlands Distillery.


This grape spirit is enriched with the fresh, fruity flavours you’d expect, with the Rakija elements you’ll love.

$60 (+ p&p)


Our plum rakija embodies the full, fruity notes that we’re famous for.

$70 (+ p&p)


Offering a darker, richer flavour, our oak rakija is the perfect after-dinner accompaniment.

Grape Oak
$65 (+ p&p)

Plum Oak (available now!)
$75 (+ p&p)

Our grape and plum spirits are available across Australia. Place your order today.

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